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A6 module patient monitor Patient Monitoring Systems

A6 module patient monitor

A6 module patient monitor

-14” anti-glare color TFT-LCD display

-The world’s leading multi-parameters module with built-in screen

-Powerful host machine with ergonomic design

-Dozens of parameters with various modules assembled as demand

-Easy upgrade, save replace cost

-Supporting for multi-output operation

-Faceless cooling-down system make it clean, durable and lower the power consumption

-Distinguished scientific and technological temperament, enhance the overall image of hospital.


Standard configulation:

Main units: 14” anti-glare TFT-LCD display; 4 standard module slot; 1 additional module rack slot(for EMS all-in-one module); 2RJ45 enthernet socket; 1 defibrillation output; 1 nurse call socket; 1 DVI port, 1 VGA port, 6 USB 1.1 port, 1 auxiliary module rack connector, 2G SD memory card.



EMS (emergency mobile server, including SpO2, ECG, TEMP, NIBP, IBP, HR, PR function);

MPS (mulit-parameter sever, including SpO2, ECG, TEMP, NIBP, IBP, HR, PR function);

SunTech NIBP module; CO module; BIS module; Sidestream CO2 module; Microstream CO2 module; Mainstream CO2 module; AG module; ICG module; IBP module; TEMP module; Masimo SpO2 module; Nellcor SpO2 module; Full screen touch function; 12-lead ECG function; Recorder.

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