auto hematology analyzer manufacturers

Hematology Anlyzer URIT-5200 (1)

auto hematology analyzer manufacturers

28 parameters

2 Histograms for RBC and PLT
2 Scatter grams: 5-part differential scatter gram
Eosinophils and Neutrophils scatter gram
2 3-D stereograms

Principles of operation

WBC/DIFF: Flow Cytometry, Laser light multi-dimensional cell classification
RBC/PLT Analysis: Impedance method
HGB test: Cyanide-free reagent colorimetry

Reagent                                                                               Diluent, Sheath,Detergent

Sampling modes                                                                  Whole blood 20μL
Pre-diluent 20μL

Aperture Diameter                                                             RBC/PLT 68μm

Throughput                                                                         Whole blood up to 60 samples per hour
Pre-diluent up to 60 samples per hour

Data storage                                                                       Up to 200,000 sample results with grams

Alarms                                                                                Error messages

Display                                                                               PC display (14inch color TFT)

Dimension                                                                           598.5MM(L)×585.5MM(W)×488.5MM(H)

Display                                                                               PC display (14inch color TFT)

Power                                                                                 220V,50/60Hz 600VA

Weight                                                                               70kg


One channel give complete differentiate WBC
URIT-5200 counts lymphocyte, monocyte,
neutrophil, eosinophil and basophil in WOC channel.

Hematology Anlyzer URIT-5200 (2)

3D stereograms
Hematology Anlyzer URIT-5200 (1)

High quality and easy maintenance syringe system

Hematology Anlyzer URIT-5200 (3)

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