Gynecology Table MT1800

MT1800 basic model

Gynecology Table MT1800

Mingtai Electric Gynecology Obstetric Operating Table : MT1800 (Basic Model)

Technology Parameter:
Bed length: 1900mm±50mm
Bed width: 600mm
Bed surface lifts scope: (700-950)±50mm
The lowest of bed can be customized 600mm
Bed height lifting can be customized: 200-450mm
Bed forward and backward: ≥20°
Back up: ≥75°
Auxiliary station table board: 520mm *500mm
Power & voltage: 220V 50HZ
Input power: 500VA



1800electric gynecological obstetric operating table is the newest muliti-function products which is made according to the market’s requirement, absorbing foreign advanced technology, it can be used for delivery, gynecological operation, diagnose, examination, also include urgency cesarean.

  1. The surface metal parts use high quality stainless steel, beautiful, corrosion resisting, easy to clean and disinfection
    2. Bed surface modeling designed based on human functional, beautiful novel; All mattress used by synthetic leather polyurethane foam molding, easy cleaning and maintenance, good antifouling performance and durability. many colors of mattress can be select,
    3. High quality control system used to control operation table
    4. Mini touch control handling, the function up and down, back side angle and front and rear slanting angle

5. Power system use high quality motor, low noise, steady function
6. Back side use electric motor structure, the angle can adjust

7. Main up and down stand column:German design, Bearing with a safety factor of four times, square column lifts up and down, Eight fixed fasteners,ensure the weighing steady

8. The position of dirt basin designed rational, convenient for doctors to deliveries and keep amniotic not splashed, to avoid the baby slipping. Very easy to install or remove.

  1. All of the outer cover and accessories are made of stainless steel , beautiful shape, easy clean and preserve


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