infrared thermometer wholesale uk


infrared thermometer

Infrared Thermometer FR600


  1. Temperature Range: 32.0°c—42.9°c (Body tem.)
  2. Accuracy: ±0.2°c (36°c—39°c)
  3. Measurement Method: ear touch for 1second,forehead touch for 2 second
  4. 12 memories, Beeper Function; Fever Alarm
  5. Operation environment: Tem. 10°c—40°cHumidity 30%RH–85%RH
  6. Power supply: DC 3V
  7. Measuring principle: Infrared temperature sensing technique
  8. Storage Environment: Tem. -20°c— +60°c   Humidity 10%RH–95%RH

infrared thermometer wholesale uk

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