light Halogen Light ZF720

ight Halogen Light ZF720

Light Halogen Light ZF720

ZF720/720 Surgical Light


  • Satlite oval swing pipe, oval cross arm
  • Germany balance arm suspension system(optional)
  • Germany transmit electric system
  • Touch screen controller(optional)
  • Germany ORSAM bulb and lamp socket
  • Taiwan brand high quality power system
  • Imported aluminium sheet retroreflector, without coating film
  • Imported material high level light filter, PC glass
  • Humanized lamp cap, ABS handle
  • The most advanced double switch control system


Spec parameters:

illuminance(lux) 30000-165000


Color tem(k) 4300±50
Diameter of spot(mm) 100-360


illumination depth(mm) ≥1200
Light Note depth L1+L2 ≥1500


Radiant power/intensity Ee/Ec(mw/㎡lux) 3.8
light adjusting steps 16-steps continuous light adjustment


Temp rise(℃)surgicalfield ≤7
Temp rise (℃)surgeon’s head ≤2
Automatic switching Automatic switching
power of bulb(V.HZ) ~220V/50HZ
input power(W) 400
Depth of illumination(w)24v halogen(150/150)


Bulb lifetime over 1500h
lowest height of installation(mm) 2400


RA 96


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