microplate washer biotek

URIT-660 Microplate reader (6)

microplate washer biotek

RIT-660 Microplate reader

·Plate type: 96-well plate or other plates
·Light source: 8V/20W Halogen lamp
·Wavelength range: 400-700nm
·Filters: 405,450,492,630nm (4 optional filters can be
·Accuracy: ≤±0.01A
·Repeatability: ≤1.0%
·Resolution: 0.0001 Abs
·Reading speed: 5 seconds single-wavelength (96 wells)
·Reading channel: 8 channels
·Shaking: high, middle, low speed selectable
·Display: Large touch LCD
·Memory: up to 10000 test results
·Printer: Built-in printer or external printer
·Output: RS-232 port
·Dimensions: 460mm×320mm×210mm
·Weight: 8kg

  ·Touch screen, Large LCD display
·Multiple plate formats capability
·Extensive on-board data analysis
·Choice of reading speed
·Microplate shaking
·10000 test results

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