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URIT-670 Microplate washer (2)

URIT-670 Microplate washer

·Plate type: U, V or flat-bottom
·Wash head:8-probe or 12-probe
·Wash programs:up to 50
·Wash cycles:1~20
·Volume range:50~450μL/well
·Residual volume:<1uL/well
·Dispense precision:CV<2%
·Soak Time:1~3660s tunable
·Pause Time:0-60s tunable
·Absorbing Time:2-10s tunable
·Shaking Time:0-60s tunable
·Display:240*128 LCD display
·Keypad:8 touch keys
·Output:RS-232 port

  ·Compatible with U, V, or flat-bottom plates
·Minimal residual volume (<1uL/well)
·Interchangeable manifolds for 8- and 12-well strips
·Unattached absorb head and dispense head
·Positive displacement pump with low noise
·Overfill washing and overflow protection
·Automatic waste liquid warning
·Bottom washing function



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