Operating light LED light LED760

Operating light LED light LED760


Imported horizontal cross arm middle axis system from Germany (optional)
Imported second generation balance arm hanging system
Imported electric system from Germany
Imported OSRAM LED bulb and lamp-socket from Germany
Power system from Taiwan
ABS operate handle in the lamp rim
Color temp cam be adjusted: RGBW four primary colour reflect light unified technology (optional)

New LED illuminant, new times for operating lighting
Less infrared, 0 ultraviolet rays, preventing organization dry
The coloration is closed to natural light
Less drag coefficient, reduce the effect to laminar flow

Shadowless light:Shadow will be diluted by light.Light’s symmetry can have a prefect control to shadow, no matter where the operation position is. It owns to the overlapping light technology.Five stars laminar flow effectCold flow designSmoothly surface:24% turbulence level is less than DIN1946’s rule.No rising air

Long life:40 times long life than halogen bulb, reaching 60,000 hours, don’t need change the bulb frequently

Perfect cold light effect: LED do not engender infrared ray, temperature rising in doctor head is less than 2℃, and low temperature rising in the surgical field can prevent body fluid’s losing during the operation, solving the question caused by general shadowless light of impacting wound healing because of the high temperature rising

Lowest irradiance:The light is visible light, no infrared and ultraviolet, less heat. Less temperature rising in the surgical field, average irradiance is 3.8mw/m2, advanced level in the world . The whole shadowless operation light’s energy consumption can reduce more than 30%

Suitable color temperature and high CRI:4300 color temperature can engender white light which is closed to sun light, it is suitable for visual inspection The CRI is more than 90, can reflect the object’s color truly

Health and easy to clean:Smooth and streamline surface, no cut edge.Rounded curve and smooth surface is easy to clean.Shock resistance outer cover.Handle can be mosit-heat sterilization.

Sustainable development with high performance and efficiency:Lowest harmful substance
Mingtai LED 90% is made by aluminum, this material can be used for many times, don’t need too much material.Succinct package can reduce the material’s quantity and the rubbish, and also can reduce the carbon emission during the transportation

LED light has 40 times long life than halogen bulb, needn’t change the bulb within 15 years, save the resource
Curve and smooth surface can prevent the dust, and reduce the cleanser’s using and loss



Technical parameters LED760 LED760
Illuminance (Lux) 180000 180000
Color temp (Kelvin) 4300 4300
Color rendering index (Ra) 96 96
Lamp electric light intensity control standard standard
Light adjust range 10%-100% 10%-100%
Temp rise (doctor head) 0.5℃ 0.5℃
Temp rise (Surgical field) 2℃ 2℃
Illumination depth (cm) 130 130
Ee (W/m2) 530 530
Ee/Ec (mW/ m2lux) 3.3 3.3
Diameter of spot (mm) ≥90 ≥90
Bulb type LED LED
Bulb life (h) ≥60000 ≥60000
Consumed power 70 50
Height adjustment 118 118
Input power 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz



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Operating light

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