Patient Monitoring Systems M series basic monitor M9000A&M8000A

M8000A-中性 M9000A-中性

-Colorful and clear 12.1”(M9000A)/10.4”(M8000A) TFT LED displayer;

-Max 7 waveform display simultaneously;

-Big font-convenient for long distance observation;

-Supporting for ST, QTC and arrhythmia analysis;

-10 minutes ECG waveform reviewing;

-120h trend data/trend maps storage and reviewing;

-Pitch tone;

-500 groups NIBP measurement;

-1000 groups alarm events reviewing;

-Supporting for nurse call, built-in recorder, wireless or wired networking.


Standard Configuration:

ECG,HR,RESP,NIBP,SPO2, PR2-TEMP,Lithium Battery.

2-IBP, Recorder, EtC02 (side stream, main stream), Anesthetic Gas.Nellcor SpO2, Masimo SpO2 , ICG.


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Patient Monitoring Systems

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