Patient Monitoring Systems Q series module monitor

Q3 Q5 Q7

-Flexible plugin touch screen;

-Best choice for acute care monitoring;

-In acute care, a patient monitor must be reliable, easy to use, and upgradeable with advanced parameters, while allowing data access when and where needed.

-With its light weight and plug-and-play modular design, its powerful functions and intuitive user interface, the Q series patient monitor is therefore the best choice for acute care.

-15”(Q7)/12”(Q5)/10”(Q3) TFT display color screen;

-Convenient operation, a combination of operation, luminous key;

-Full touch screen, fingertip operation, one-step process.

-Plug-and-play design and multi-parameter module design, which can be upgrade easily;

-New streamlined appearance design possesses modernized style and beautiful shape.


Standard configulation:


Touch screen, 1 RJ45 enthernet socket, 1 defibrillation output, 1 nurse call socket, 1 VGA port, 2 USB1.1 port, 1 lithium rechargeable battery.



Option module: Sidestream CO2 module, Microstream CO2 module, Mainstream CO2 module, AG module, CO module, IBP module, TEMP module, Masimo SpO2 module, Nellcor SpO2 module.

Printing: 3 channel thermal recorder;

Mounting: Rolling stand, wall mount;

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Patient Monitoring Systems

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