semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer

Semi Automatic Chemistry Analyzer URIT-810 (5)

Semi Automatic Chemistry Analyzer URIT-810

•Analysis method: Kinetic, end point, non-linear, sample blank, reagent blank, etc
•Light source: halogen lamp, 6V/10W
•Wavelength range: 300~800nm
•Absorbance range: -0.3~3.0Abs
•Wavelength accuracy:±1nm
•Spectrum band: ±6nm
•Flowcell: 10mm quartz cell, 32μL volume
•Temperature control: Room temperature, 25oC,30oC,37oC, (±0.1oC variable)
•Sampling volume: 100μL~9999μL tunable
•Cross contamination:≤1.0%
•Stability: ≤0.005Abs/h
•Memory: up to 234 items and 20000 test results
•Display: Large LCD display
•Printer: Built-in thermal printer
•Output: Rs232 connecting to PC
•Ambient: Room temperature: 10 oC~32 oC; Humidity: =85%
•Power: AC 220x(1±10%)V,50Hz
•Dimension: 392 x 375x 205mm(length * width * height)

•High-quality filter & close optical system
•Convenient maintenance design
•Large memory capacity
•Advanced unexpected power-off protection

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