urine analyzer manufacturers india

Urine Analyzer Urit-50 (1)

urine analyzer manufacturers india

Urine Analyzer Urit-50

·Parameters: pH, Nitrite, Specific Gravity, Ascorbic Acid, Blood, Glucose, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen,
Ketone, Leucocytes, Protein,Calcinm
·Measurement Principle: Dual wavelength reflectance method
·Measuring Wavelength: 3 LED Wavelength (550,620,720nm)
·Sample supply: manual dipping
·Reaction time: 60 seconds
·Throughput: Normal mode, 60 samples /hour
Continuous mode, 125 samples /hour
·Memory capacity: 5000 results
·Strip: URIT 10G /11G urine reagent strips
·Interface:Serial port(RS232), parallel port (For external printer),
PS/2(For barcode reader)
·Work condition: Environmental Temperature: 15-30℃, RH: 20%~80%
·Power supply: Adopter 12V DC, 4.0A
·Dimension: 290mm x 200mm x 100mm
·Weight: 2kg



  • Cold light source facility with long life and high stability
    ·Internal thermal printer
    ·Easy operation, cost-efficiency and high quality
    ·Rs232 serial interface to host PC/LIS, Barcode reader optional
    ·URIT UQ-10 & UQ-11 Urinalysis Control

URIT 10G、11G
urine reagent strip
Complete urine analysis with Ascorbic Acid


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